About engineered hardwood


Why choose engineered hardwood flooring?

There are plenty of reasons to choose engineered hardwood flooring for your next significant remodel. It's packed with benefits that cater to every room's needs and offer a long lifespan. For whole-home flooring, it's one of the best long-term choices.

You'll love all the nuances of this floor covering and its installation. Cater to visual appeal, durability, and more, with characteristics that do so much. Here are some facts that could alter your remodeling outcome.

The beauty and appeal of engineered wood flooring

You won’t know you’re not looking at natural solid hardwood flooring. Instead, engineered flooring pieces include the same species, colors, and textures in a top layer made of natural wood. These surfaces offer impressive choices for matching any existing décor, so there’s something for everyone.

You can choose a rustic, farmhouse, or modern décor match or create something new and unique. Some homeowners layer on various formats and installation layouts for results that can keep you current for years. Take time to browse all the visuals, and we'll tell you more.

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The durability of engineered hardwood flooring

As with most natural materials, these floors are perfect for high-energy spaces, especially when the engineered wood flooring is equipped with durable features. The correct species choice, thickness, and sealant can go a long way toward an excellent lifespan. But even textures help these floors support their youthful appearance.

Certain textures, like vintage, distressed, and handscraped, hide all the little signs of wear that increase over time. Of course, refinishing removes most of these imperfections, but a textured surface could push that service back. And, of course, the more durable the flooring, the longer it will last.

With professional installation, these floors can efficiently serve you for 30 years. Proper care, maintenance, and engineered hardwood flooring services are also great ways to protect your floors. If you have questions about cleaning or care, contact us.
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